Monday, 18 June 2007

First Ever Recipe

Other bloggers, I've noticed, have given offerings of various recipies but I've never given in to the lure - until now. I stumbled upon this recipe this weekend whilst making cakes for Ruby's school fete. Here we go:

Evil Doughnuts
  • Exactly the same as normal doughnuts


Make them in the same way as normal doughnuts but forget to put the sugar in.

There you have it. Even trying just the tiniest bit "just to see" will leave the most gaggingly foul taste in your mouth for the rest of the day.


primrozie said...


Mr Toad said...

Thanks Primrosie, you're a trooper!

Will Mainwaring said...

Remind me not to try that one...
Say, do you know how to go about getting an allotment in Blisworth? We're moving from Syresham and wanted to get stuck in.

Mr Toad said...

Hi Will,
Send me an email to & I'll send you the details for the field secretary. (I don't want to post someone else's details without their permission)

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