Monday, 8 October 2007


My skinflint powers have been defeated & I've actually put my hand into my pocket and took the screws out of my wallet...
"Oh sh*t. We've been decimalised!"

There I was in B&Q on Saturday, a place with all the calm dignity of a poorly run refuge camp, to purchase (aaaaaaagh - the pain) a roll of black plastic.

A bit later; two new beds dug, both covered in shiney new plastic and a 5 meter wide DMZ of more black plastic between the pumpkin-zone-of-control and the green menace (docks, nettles & other ner-do-wells).

I can't get to the plot often enough to keep the weeds down if I've dug anything over, so this seems to be my only option. I know it's not very nice environmentally, but it will be reused.

Hell. If I have my way it'll become a bloody family heirloom!


Matron said...

You might even be able to grow something through your 'plastic mulch' next Spring. Give it a go!

barb michelen said...

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Mr Toad said...

thenks for the great comment there, Barb.

Why don't you take your fecking SPAM and shove it up your arse!

Vegmonkey said...

Well said Mr Toad, i've got a filter on my site, does yours not provide one? I'm not sure i could handle a big allotment yet, hence the small one, but that doesn't stop me wanting one!