Tuesday, 26 February 2008

"Think what fun we shall all have together,"

Keith, my plot neighbour and allotment guru, has been threatening for some time to jack it in as its getting a bit much for him & his missus really wants him to stop. We've all told him that we'll lend a hand with anything he has trouble with, but he seems to be of the opinion that if he can't do it himself then he'd rather not persevere with it.

Anyway, I mentioned this to The Lovely Denise (a.k.a. the wife) & she mentioned that maybe she should get that one...

Now I'm sure that this is partly due to me not allowing her to have any (& I mean ANY) planning or scheduling input to the plot. "It's mine! MINE! Mine I tells ya!".

This idea has good and bad points to it:
The good points are that Keith's plot has two sheds. TWO, count 'em! Whereas mine has none. I'm sure Denise would let me use one of them (for a reasonable fee).
It'd stop much allotment related tension. ("It's MINE! Gerrof!")
It'd be easier to handle the kids if we're both there.

However, the main bad point is that it would instantly turn into a competition (which she'd probably win due to her cheating by having some horicultural ability).

On balance though I think its a rather good idea so I'll have to talk to the Field Officer on Sunday. We'll see... We'll see...


Matron said...

I wish I had more space to grow more veggies. Fancy having TWO plots! fantastic. Isn't there a long waiting list for allotments where you are? will they allow you to just swap them?

veggievirgin said...

Tell me tell me! Did the Lovely Denise get the other plot? Karen

Mr Toad said...

There is technically a small waiting list, but there's also some spare plots. Figure that one out if you can...

Keith, the owner of the plot in question, hasn't been up to the field in ages, but he has paid the rent so it's still his.

We shall see. We shall see.

How are your seedlings doing - I left my sprouts out in the cold frame overnight & the frost got them. BUGGER!