Thursday, 10 April 2008

'No more of those regrettable incidents with the police, Toad,' said the Rat

Now, fair enough, I've only got some onions and fartichokes actually planted up at the plot, but our house is awash with growing things: leeks, sprouts, sweetcorn, celery etc etc covering every available sunny spot inside & out as well as many many spuds chitting away on the top of the wardrobe. So I've been reasonably pleased with myself so far. There's alot of things getting ready to go into those areas currently covered by black plastic sheeting.

It was, therefore, a small suprise to receive a letter from the Stazi (Allotment Branch) saying that Toad's Empire was uncultivated (as if) and unless there is an improvement in 28 days "steps will be taken".

Cheeky buggers! Don't they know who I am?


Matron said...

There's probably a long waiting list at your allotment - you sneeze and someone has taken your plot from you! Hang on to it.

Massagem said...

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Melanie Rimmer said...

You're in good company anyway. Eistein was kicked off his allotment for letting it get weedy:

welsh girls allotment said...

How very dare they - poke them on the nose and send them packing !!!

sexy said...